February 3, 2013

Where has the time gone!

I cannot believe I have not blogged in over 9 months...that's an entire pregnancy! Kennedy is growing each day, and simply just amazes us. I am REALLY going to make the effort to start blogging again, not only to share our beautiful Kennedy with friends and family, but also so I have this fabulous journal to share with our little miss one day.

So here is the short of what has happened to Kennedy over the last 9 months...

* Flew on a plane to Denver (8 weeks)
* Traveled to Oregon (3 months)
* Rolled over stomach to back (3 months)
* Rolled over back to stomach (4 months)
*Sat up (5.5 months)
*Celebrated her first 4th of July (Phoenix),  Halloween (Phoenix), Thanksgiving (Denver),
Christmas (Portland)
*Army crawled (5.5 months)
* I went back to work in October and Kennedy started with Miss Liz (6.5 months)
* First tooth (7 months)
* Pulls up on things(7.5 months)
* First word "dog"(7.5 months)
*"Real" crawl (9 months)
* First ear infection (9 months)
* Walks holding on to mom and dad's hands (9 months)
* At 10 months says..."bye bye" "dog" "ap (clap)" "dada"
* 3 teeth (10 months)

 ❤ Meggan

May 7, 2012

Welcome Kennedy Elizabeth

Last picture of me pregnant...37 weeks, 6 days!
Kennedy decided she was tired of being inside of my stomach and that she wanted to come two weeks early!

On Tuesday (March 27) I had a doctor appointment with Dr. Deka. I was 37 weeks, so did the usual check to see if I was dilated. In her words. "You are tightly closed up. She won't be coming until your due date or later." I also had my NST (non-stress test) to monitor her heart rate since my fluids were low...she was doing great inside of me!

On Wednesday (March 28), I had an ultrasound at 1:30pm to check my fluids. My mom was in town, so when I got off of work I went down to pick her up, so she could see our little girl inside of me. As I was in the ultrasound, I could tell something was not right. I had done this ultrasound a few times, so I knew what to expect. The technician was so sweet talking us through each thing she was doing, and when she said "now I am going to check the fluid" I knew what to look for. She kept trying and trying and trying to find fluid in my lower part of my stomach. She at one point changed the screen to check the blood flow (while she was "looking for fluid"). I said to her, "I thought you were looking for fluid, not the umbilical cord." She assured me she was, but she just kept getting the umbilical cord, so she was just checking that too. Once she was finished, she went to have the doctor look everything over. That was normal, so nothing worried me. Then the doctor came in. He said "Hello. Are you ready to have a baby today?"

My mind just raced. Every emotion just came over me upon hearing those words. He told me that they were talking to my doctor, so get dressed and just hang out for a bit and they will direct me what to do. I immediately called Bill. We had a rule...if I called three times in a row, he had to pick up no matter what he was doing. This would be our only test. I called twice with no pick up. Then on the third call he picked up, and I told him they were inducing me. I will never forget his voice on the other end. He was shocked and excited, and we talked about why there were inducing me. At this point, I really had no idea what was going to happen, so I told him to stay at work until I found out more. After talking to him, I called work to let them know I was not coming in tomorrow. The doctor came back and told me to go home, and my doctor will call me with what to do.

As we were half way home, my doctor called and told me to come in. They wanted to start the inducing. So I turned around, and headed back to the doctor. At the doctor, they put a balloon catheter in me and sent me home. I just waited at home for the hospital to call me. Around midnight, contractions started for me, but they were not too painful. They were around 6 minutes apart, so Bill and I were pondering whether to go in to the hospital or just wait for them to call. A little before 2am, the hospital called and said they had a bed for me. So we made our way in!

Once we were checked in at the hospital, the nurse did all of the checks. How dilated am I (1cm)? How far apart are my contractions? Is the babies head down? I knew her head was down because I had my ultrasound 12 hours earlier, and her head was down then. The nurse just wanted to check before they started pitocin. As she checked, she said she couldn't find her head. All I could think, "What do you mean you cannot find her head!" As she she moved the ultrasound wand up my stomach, there it the top! She had flipped!!! At 38 weeks and only 3cm of was UNHEARD of! But little miss Kennedy had her own plans.

The nurse called Dr. Deka and a C-Section was scheduled for 9:30AM. We were told to get some sleep...yeah right! Around 8:30, they started prepping me for my surgery. At 9:30, I was wheeled down and prepped. Bill was dressed in his scrubs, but had to wait until I was lying down on the table to come in. Once he was in, they started. At 9:51am, Kennedy Elizabeth was born. She was taken to the warming station and cleaned up. Bill immediately went to the table to see her, and came back to me with all of the information. She was very healthy! 6lbs. 1oz 18.5 inches. Head circumference 13.5 in. Bill could not cut the umbilical cord, but he did trim it.

The C-section was really a painless experience...something  I never expected with giving birth. I was very fortunate that I did not have to do labor then have a C-section. Dr. Deka told us that we probably would have had a C-section either way because the umbilical cord was loosely wrapped around her neck two times, and my fluids were so low that she would have been too stressed. I am so relieved that she just flipped, and we did not have to worry about our little girl during labor.

First family picture

Nana meets Kennedy

Bill learning how to change a diaper from our favorite nurse Rachel jaundice for Kennedy!

Ready to go home!

First time in the car

We spent 3 nights in the hospital, which was very much needed! Since I was a C-section, I could not get out of bed for 24hours, which meant Bill had to do everything for her (except feed!). It was so hard not being able to get out of bed, but Bill was amazing! I was so lucky to have him take care of us ♥

My mom stayed the week after her birth to take care of us. Then Marty and Bill came in to help the second week. My parents came back down the third week so my dad could meet her. Within a month, she met all of her grandparents!

Uncle Curt


Grandpa Bill

Grandpa Dave
♥ Meggan

May 6, 2012

one month

 Well, I have been gone from the blogging world for the past 6 weeks because we welcomed Kennedy Elizabeth 2 weeks early on March 29, 2012 at 9:51am. I am going to do my best to keep up this blog not only for my friends and family, but for Kennedy! I will back track the last 5 weeks of our lives, but I wanted to at least post what Miss Kennedy can do at one month!

At one month Kennedy can...
  • Smile
  • Laugh in her sleep
  • Recognize Mom + Dad voices
  • Sleeps 3 hours at night!
  • Hold up head for a bit
  • Turn head during tummy time 

  •  Hiccups all the time
  • Makes squeaky noises when sleeping
  • Likes to be swaddled
  • Has to be swaddled to be in the swing
  • Farts often in her sleep
  • Grasps other people's fingers or Mommy's hair
  • Kicks top leg when latching on during feeding
  • Naps 1.5-2hrs at a time
  • Weight: 8lbs 10oz (estimate)
  • Height: 21.5 inches
  • Diaper size: Newborn
  • Clothes: Newborn

March 21, 2012

The countdown begins...

36 weeks has been an eventful week for us. The weekend was spent putting together the rest of her things together. Bouncy chair...check. Swing...check. Carseat...check. Curtains hung...check. All we need now is our little peanut!

Yesterday, was another doctor's appointment. During the appointment, Dr. Deka let me know that Baby H is in the 14 percentile for height and weight. At 10% they start to worry, so she is still in the "safe" range, but obviously close to the 10 percentile. So with that, Dr. Deka is having me do Non-Stress Test (NST) twice a week. With the test, they strap a band around the belly and monitor her heart rate. They are checking to make sure her heart beat is lower at rest and higher when she is moving. Another strap monitors contractions (not that I am really having them) to monitor her heart beat during a contraction. They want to make sure she is not stressed during them. I am also having to go in once a week to have my amniotic levels checked. If they go too low or Baby H's heart rate does not show a difference from resting state to active state then they will induce me. I am 37 weeks tomorrow, so I have reached full gestation, and the next 3 weeks are spent putting weight on Baby H...which she needs :) But if I do go in the next few weeks, everything will be developed on her! Right now everything is precautionary. They are just seeing if we are just having a small baby or is something not working right with her. A small baby is just fine as long as she is healthy...which everything right now points that way :)

I know they are doing this to make sure she is healthy, but it is still scary. It was not what I was expecting going into my appointment yesterday. I go back again Friday morning to do the NST.  My blood pressure and weight were good. I have put on 29 pounds during the pregnancy!  I really don't feel like I have put on that much weight, so that is a good thing. I did grow 2cm this week, so I am now 35cm, which is in the healthy range for how far along I am. I am feeling good...just a little anxious with all of the new developments, but getting excited to meet our little girl. It is crazy to think she could come any day...or it could be 4 more weeks (my doctor will only let me go one week past my due date.)

♥ Meggan

March 14, 2012

our little peanut

I went to the doctor this morning to get an ultrasound on Baby H. Of course they were running late, so I sat as patiently in the waiting room as I could. At least there were some good magazines to read while I waited. When I was finally called back, and they started the ultrasound the first thing the technician says to me is "Geez...look how big your bladder is! Do you need to pee?" I actually did not, but I guess it good to here something is big on me during my pregnancy :)

The technician measured everything on her...her head size, abdomen, leg and arm length, heartbeat, blood flow in umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, oxygen levels. Baby H took some practice breaths during the ultrasound, so she was able to record those too. She also told me that she has some hair on her head too...phew, she won't be bald until she is 3 like me! After the technician finished, she told me, "she is the 15% and still in the safe range. I am going to go talk to the doctor." So there I sat for what seemed like forever wondering what they were talking about. Do I need bed rest? Is she really okay? Are they going to induce me because she is not growing? The doctor comes in and looks at the information, and says "everything is healthy with her. She is small, but still in the safe range, and everything is she is doing is healthy." I kept asking, "so she is okay? she is healthy?" The doctor probably thought I was a crazy pregnant woman, but he is used to it. The technician was super sweet and told me, "wouldn't you rather deliver a 6lb baby as opposed to a 10lb baby?" As long as she is healthy...yes!

So overall, Baby H is safe, healthy...just small. She will be our little peanut! I don't think we will have a basketball center on our hands, but with her parents' height, I don't think too many people thought we would!

♥ Meggan

March 13, 2012

Hello Pregnancy Brain

I am 35 weeks!
Well my pregnancy brain has officially hit...Bill would probably argue it hit a LONG time ago! As I am looking at my picture, I realized I put that was 34 weeks not 35! Oh well...I am too tired to get up and take another picture. Just imagine that it says 35 not 34!

35 weeks has been uneventful until today. Bill and I are continuing to get things ready for Baby H. We got her bed set up in our room. Our room is definitely a little tight, but we are getting used to is Kona. This weekend we are going to get the swing and bouncy chair all set up :)

On Friday, my students at school threw me a surprise baby shower! It was so sweet of them, and I was completely surprised. They bought us our high chair...Yay! We also received our exercise mat, some adorable clothes, and our first set of bottles! I am so lucky to have such wonderful families in my class. 

Today was the first of our weekly doctor appointments. And I am back to measuring small, and I did not grow at all since last week. So with that, I am going back to the doctor tomorrow AM to get an ultrasound. At least I get to see another picture of Baby H! I am sure nothing is wrong (she is moving a lot especially after dinner and before bed). But its always good to make sure! The good news is her head is down :)

♥ Meggan

March 6, 2012

Finally Feeling Pregnant

At 34 weeks, I finally feel like I am pregnant. My belly is definitely getting bigger (I am now 33cm!)...I grew 4 cm in the last two weeks! I went to the doctor today, and everything is looking good. It was weird hearing her say that in 10 days they won't stop my labor...10 days is not a lot of time! She doesn't think Baby H will bigger than 7lb 2oz, so we will see. I think 7.2 sounds like an excellent weight :) We will just have to see how big her head is...does she have Bill or my head???

 I am getting more and more braxton hicks, and starting to feel pressure in my lower abdomenal area. Last night, I had to just go to bed early to get them to go away. I never really got a ton of energy in my second trimester, but what energy I did get is definitely gone. If I could take a nap or at least lay down after lunch everyday, my life would be much better. I could go to bed by 8 every night (which I do most nights). I might as well get all the sleep I can right now.

Baby H continues to move all the time! I got my first kick in the rib Friday (3/2) night. Her head is down, but she prefers my right side. She continues to move the most after dinner and around bed.  She does let me know she is still is there throughout the day, especially during my guided reading time. She doesn't like being squished, so as I lean over the table to help the kids read, she always gives me some kicks to say "don't squish me mom!".

♥ Meggan